Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do It Yourself : Feel a lil' bit McQueen

i always love McQueen... i felt a lil' bit sad, when Sarah Burton made the wedding gown of Kate Middleton, if only McQueen still alive he would be proud...if only...
anyway...about 3 days ago i read an article about all McQueen's fashion on, the met gala, the style file, and so on
and i found this :

picture courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (i grabbed from

so i have an idea, i want to make my old t-shirt have 'a lil bit McQueen' feelin
what you need :

an old printed t-shirt, i'm a bit fatty right now, so this t-shirt is getting tight on my body, prefer the one that you don't need to sew the edge after you cut it
(p.s. this is how much i love animal print)

and the other things :

what to do :
1. cut the shirt!! (i felt palpitation when i did this)

2. sew the lace (i cut into 2 face before sewed it, depend on your lace btw)

you have a new cardigan with McQueen-ish style!! 

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